AngryRevolutionnaire aka Rafe.

Hi everyone! I'm Rafe, your writer. I'm from Italy and I am a young revolutionary. I love music, studying, knowing things, being better than others, but more than everything I like reading and writing. If someone asks me what do I want to be when I'll be older (I am older. I'm 18.) my answer… Continue reading AngryRevolutionnaire aka Rafe.



Notes: this story has been tagged #triggerwarnings, so be careful! (Domestic violence, major character death, mention of suicide, suicide attempt) Rowan did not remember how he fell in love with Katie. It just happened, he guessed. She was beautiful. Since the first day of high school she was the best. Everyone was in love with… Continue reading Twisted


“4 a.m.” – a short story about Miguel&Jasper

Sometimes it happens. We feel alone, and maybe a bit depressed. Sometimes we are to shy to just call someone to hang out. Sometimes it’s just too late, like 4 a.m. 4 a.m. is an horrible time for Miguel. He is still awake, he’s never gone to bed, and everyone else he knows is sleeping,… Continue reading “4 a.m.” – a short story about Miguel&Jasper


“Ephraim’s Unfortunate Loves” – chapter ii

ii. Helen Helen was a sweet young girl. She was small, especially confronted with Ephraim, who was already 5’ 9’’. She had long blond hair and big blue eyes. Differently to other girls her age, she did not use much makeup: she preferred her face like it was. Ephraim liked her for that reason. He… Continue reading “Ephraim’s Unfortunate Loves” – chapter ii


“Ephraim’s Unfortunate Loves” – chapter i

i. Ephraim Ephraim was often described as a dreamer. He had big blue eyes that were looking up at the sky most of the times, and he almost never heard what people told him. “You are in a world of your own” his mother used to say. Ephraim was not, in fact, a dreamer. He… Continue reading “Ephraim’s Unfortunate Loves” – chapter i