AngryRevolutionnaire aka Rafe.

Hi everyone! I’m Rafe, your writer.
I’m from Italy and I am a young revolutionary. I love music, studying, knowing things, being better than others, but more than everything I like reading and writing.
If someone asks me what do I want to be when I’ll be older (I am older. I’m 18.) my answer will always be “a writer”.

Currently I am writing what is supposed to be a fantasy novel, Stormwalker, which is a pretty big project for me. At the same time, however, I write fanfictions as well and short original stories, both “one shot” and multi-chaptered. I am not really sure where to post the latters, so I created this blog. I want you to know that every comment is appreciated, even if you didn’t like one of my stories.

As I said in the first paragraph, I also love reading, and this passion has developed itself in the “reviews” section: I know the struggle to find a book, both from my experience and from my brother’s, and I thought that if I could help with that… why not?

So that’s what came out of my little sick confused mind. It’s… something, I guess. Something I surely need! So thank you in advance for being here in the first place. This means a lot to me, even if you do not read any of my stories.
Of course, I also hope to get some comments that will help me get better! But I’ll just give time to the Time.

Ah, of course there are rules in this blog!

ii. Do not spread hate. Comments can be made without being mean, remember ❤
iii. Never, never stay quiet. You’ve got something on you mind? Tell us! Ideas and ideals are important and I assure you this is a safe place to tell them out loud!

That’s all, these are my rules! Enjoy La vie Bohémien ***


p.s. I will be posting mainly in english, but there are some stories that are deeply connected to my nation, so I’ll post them in my native language! They’ll be accurately tagged 😉



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