“Ephraim’s Unfortunate Loves” – chapter i

i. Ephraim

Ephraim was often described as a dreamer. He had big blue eyes that were looking up at the sky most of the times, and he almost never heard what people told him.
“You are in a world of your own” his mother used to say.
Ephraim was not, in fact, a dreamer. He was a thinker.
When he was not listening to someone, he was not dreaming about a strange world with unicorns and candies everywhere. He was reflecting about why his interlocutor had said that exact word and not another one. Or, at times, he could be found busy thinking about the meaning of life, Nietzsche’s philosophy or just a very good book he had read.
However, he almost never corrected people when they called him dreamer.

He valued his reason above everything else, his mind above his heart, and he considered himself pretty smart. But there was one think he could not do without: love.
He had been seeking love since he was a kid. He saw his parents so happy, and when he asked why – always with the whys, this kid – they said it was because they were in love.
So Ephraim decided that he wanted to be just as happy. He had to find love!
It was easy at first, with his classmates, when they all were six or seven years old. But what he got was not happiness. Nothing changed.
When he asked his parents, they told him he was too young for love. So he waited, and he waited.
Then, when he was fourteen, he understood that he could begin his pursuit.


{to be continued}


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