“Ephraim’s Unfortunate Loves” – chapter ii

ii. Helen

Helen was a sweet young girl. She was small, especially confronted with Ephraim, who was already 5’ 9’’. She had long blond hair and big blue eyes. Differently to other girls her age, she did not use much makeup: she preferred her face like it was. Ephraim liked her for that reason.
He asked her out one day, after Mrs. Keepler’s math lesson. He was bored and unfocused, and did not listen very much, although he liked the subject just as the others. He had looked at her for the whole hour, with what could be described as a dreamy look.
She was taking notes. Her friend, next to her, was trying to chat with her, but she was silent. She looked really smart.
When the bell rang and they could finally get out of the room, Ephraim touched her shoulder gently and smiled.
“Ehy, Helen!” he said, cheerfully.
“Ehy, Raim! Do you need notes…?” she asked, with a kind smile on her own lips. The boy blinked twice, confused.
“What…? I was there, at… lesson, you know?” he said.
“Yeah, I know! Sorry… it’s just… you seemed distracted, and you didn’t write anything on you notebook, so I figured that you needed… notes?”
She noticed that he was distracted. She noticed it! Ephraim’s smile got even bigger. That meant she looked at him!
“Well, yes I was distracted but… I was looking at you, that’s why. And I was wondering if you’d like to… I don’t know, to go out with me? Like, as in… a date?”
“A date? With you?” she asked, surprised. He blushed profusely.
“Yeah… at the cinema there’s this movie, you know, about ghosts… and I remember you told the class you liked horrors…”
“Are you talking about Casper?? I’ve wanted to see it for days!”
“Is that a… yes?”
“Of course!”
“Ok! Then we can meet at the cinema at five, if that’s okay with you.”
“It is! See you then!”

The movie was not scaring. At all. Ephraim did not really like it, but apparently Helen did, so he remained silent and just smiled at her while she commented it.
He walked her home, wondering why a cinema was called like that. What was the etymology? Helen talked without noticing how absent-minded her date was. When they reached her front door, she fluttered her eyelashes and watched him. He looked at her for a whole minute before he understood.
She wanted to be kissed. Oh.
He bent down and gently touched her lips with his own for a second. She turned bright red and smiled.
“Thank you for the wonderful evening! See you tomorrow at school?”
“See you tomorrow…” he said. She went inside with the smile still on her lips.
Ephraim, however, had not felt anything, when he kissed her. He was confused. Her smile was beautiful, though.

They had been together for two weeks when it happened.
Their relationship was based on cinema nights, soft mouth touching and flowers (ok, that happened only once because Ephraim had found some flower next to his house). After two weeks of that, Helen greeted him with a kiss on the cheek in the morning. They met each other in front of the school ten minutes before the bell almost every day.
“Ehy, I was thinking about something…” she said, turning immediately red on the cheeks.
“Oh? About what?”
“We kiss each other…” he was not understanding.
“Yes but… how about kisses… with tongues?” Ephraim immediately became as red as the apple he was about to eat.
“What..? Oh, yeah… yeah, why not.” He said.
The bell rang and their ways quickly parted.
In the afternoon, they met at the park. Spring was giving in to summer’s heat, and she was wearing a floreal skirt that reached her knees and a white shirt. She really was pretty.
They moved closer and kissed lightly at first, then she parted her lips. Ephraim felt a rush of anxiety down his spine. What the heck was he supposed to do?
He let his tongue slip between her teeth, and met hers. It was sloppy and messy, and too sticky. She blushed and smiled again. Ephraim smiled too, because what was he supposed to do?
When she asked him if he liked it, he said yes. She was so happy.
What was he supposed to do? He thought that that kiss was too sticky. He had felt nothing again.
When she asked him if he wanted to be her boyfriend, he said yes.

Helen and Ephraim left their middle school and decided to go both at the same high school. Ephraim said he was very happy about it, because that was what a good boyfriend would say.
She decided to get to know better her future classmates before the beginning of the new school. She met Jennifer, Hannah and Kathy. They became best friends. She started to use so much makeup. Ephraim did not recognize her. She started to throw her old cute dresses away in favor of skinny jeans and miniskirts. She decided to become a cheerleader.
When Ephraim said he wanted to be a writer, she sent him a strange look. It was almost… disappointment.
When they started high school, she became really popular. She had a lot of friends and every boy in the school liked her. He was her boyfriend, and everyone liked him too.
One day, she grabbed him by the arm and kissed him with tongue in the middle of the hall.

When his parents told him that they needed to move from Nashville to Detroit, he had to break up with Helen.
He was very happy about it.


{to be continued}


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